🍄 Ankles inoculated with oyster mushroom mycelium


🍄 Ankles inoculated with oyster mushroom mycelium

🍄 With our gray oyster mushroom pegs, discover the pleasure of easily cultivating your mushrooms at home on a simple wooden log!


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For your cultivation of oyster mushroom on logs, you may have to cut down a tree but don’t feel guilty, WE PLANT TREES.

The production of oyster mushroom on wood requires some effort, cutting a tree, cutting logs, drilling them and installing the dowels. Then store the logs and maintain them and wait 8 to 12 months or even more depending on the gasoline used and the weather conditions. Are you going to take the risk for a few euros less to destroy all your efforts and your production by buying dowels produced in Eastern countries, in China or elsewhere? I do not think so ?

We offer professional quality oyster mushroom pegs

We only use FRENCH MANUFACTURING beech wood dowels. All production operations, manufacturing of the mycelium, inoculation, are carried out with the greatest care and in compliance with sterility standards.

Setting up your oyster mushroom pegs

To help you set up your oyster mushroom (pleurotus ostréatus) ankles, you can view in the “tutorial” tab and or download the following 2 files:

  • Guide presented by the Faculty of Forestry of the Université de Moncton – Edmundston Campus. 👉 Download here
  • Mushrooms: forest production techniques by Stéphane Demers, Biologist, M.Sc. Cultur’Innov solidarity cooperative. 👉 Download here

Packing and shipping

In addition, we also take the utmost care in the packaging and shipping of all of our products.

Additional information

Weight 2.8 kg
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1000 pegs, 200 pegs

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